Why Having a Professionally Managed Multi-Asset Portfolio is Now More Critical Than Ever

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It is clear that the coronavirus crisis is making many investors reassess their approach to their portfolios and risk management. Amid rapid change and uncertainty, portfolio managers are having to make adjustments as it has become clear that the impact of Covid-19 will have long-lasting effects. In addition to the immediate and short-term impacts, managers should be assessing the way that companies are dealing with the longer term challenges of the new environment that businesses will have to operate in.

What will be the lasting impact on things like demand, customer behaviours, credit and supply chains? In the last few months we have seen oil, leisure and retail having been greatly impacted, but no sector is unaffected. All companies are having to adjust, as are fund managers. Who will be the winners, and who are going to struggle? Will we see an increase in mergers and acquisitions? There is an awful lot to reassess. The adage that past performance should not be relied on is perhaps ever more the case now?

Reviewing a portfolio after a market shock can also make sense on the tax front. For example how has your capital gains tax position changed?

At Wingate, we work alongside external investment professionals to build risk controlled multi-asset portfolios. We take a forward view on asset allocation, blending asset classes to maximise risk adjusted return. Our portfolios are built to different investment horizons to match the goals and objectives of our clients. We seek out the most consistent funds, whose managers are specialists in their sectors. Importantly we continually review. Adapting asset allocation each quarterly as well as the funds we use. We also take tax into consideration and provide our clients with the required reporting information for self-assessment tax returns.

If you are looking for help with your investment or pension portfolios please contact us for an initial no obligation discussion.

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26 Apr 2024

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