Our Services

Wingate Financial Planning is an award-winning firm of Chartered Financial Planners based in Caterham, Surrey

How Wingate can help you?

Please watch our video to find out in 2 minutes how Wingate Financial Planning can help you to identify and prioritise your log-term objectives.

Financial Planning

We help you to identify and prioritise your long-term objectives, that will take up your time and money throughout your lifetime. We empower you to make informed decisions about your money that will help you achieve these goals

Care Fees Planning

We aim to provide clear advice so that those involved can make informed decisions, in the knowledge that the individual needing care has the resources to meet the cost of their fees indefinitely and importantly in an environment of choice.

Trustee Investment

We are experienced in providing tailored investment advice to trustees and to those who are considering establishing a trust. Not only do we provide advice in managing the investments of a trust, but we also help you fulfil your role as a trustee ensuring that you meet your obligations and legal duties to give you peace of mind.

Our Approach

How we develop, implement and manage a financial plan to help you achieve your lifetime goals!

We Listen

We help you to clearly define your most important goals.

We Enlighten

We demonstrate the chances of achieving your life dreams.

We Plan

We identify priorities and recommend actions

We Take Action

We take responsibility to ensure your plan is implemented.

We Review

We regularly respond to changes to keep you on track

Are you ready to make informed decisions about your money?