Pensions’ Lifetime Allowance abolished with effect from 6th April 2023

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The UK Government has announced in this month’s budget (Spring Budget 2023) that the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) for pensions will be abolished. The LTA is a limit on the amount of money that an individual can save into their pension without incurring additional taxes. This decision could have a significant impact on those who are saving for their retirement, as it removes the cap on tax-free pension savings.

The LTA was introduced in 2006 as a way to limit the size of fund that could be built up on tax relieved pension contributions. It started at £1.5 million, rose to £1.8 million and has been reduced several times since then. At the time of the budget, the LTA was fixed at £1,073,100, which means that anyone who exceeds this amount will be subject to a recovery tax charge on their pension savings.

The announcement of the abolition of the LTA has been welcomed by us at Wingate Financial Planning. The limit has been reducing over time and transitional protections have become increasingly complex, leading to confusion for many savers. Our view is that the LTA and pensions’ tinkering discourages people from saving for their retirement, as they may feel that the cap limits the potential growth of their savings.

It is important to note that the abolition of the LTA has not yet been turned into legislation and may still be subject to change. The government has stated that it will consult on the proposal before making a final decision. This means that it is unclear when the LTA will be abolished, and what the final rules and regulations will be. It’s very important if you have transitional protection not to take action before seeking advice.

For those who are currently saving for their retirement, it is important to continue to monitor developments in this area. The abolition of the LTA could have a significant impact on pension planning, and it is important to ensure that your savings are in line with your retirement goals. It may be worthwhile seeking advice from a financial planner to ensure that you are making the most of your pension savings, and how these rules would impact you.

In summary, the UK government has announced the potential abolition of the Lifetime Allowance for pensions. This could have a significant impact on pension planning and has been welcomed by many in the pensions industry. The proposal is still subject to consultation, so it is important to monitor developments in this area and seek advice from a financial professional if this may impact you.

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