Why is service so important?

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I have recently needed to purchase a new car, a job that I have previously found to be enjoyable and something I looked forward to doing.

Having conducted my research online I ventured to the car showrooms to find out more about the cars and to see them ‘in the flesh’. I will not name any names but the service from all but one was well below par.

The first showroom I visited on 3 separate occasions, not once was someone available to help me or answer any of my questions. Despite it being open, on one day all the sales people had “gone home early”, on another day “they are not here yet let me take your number and they will call you” – a call that I am still waiting for 2 weeks later. The time I did manage to speak to someone they quite obviously did not have the time to talk, gave me some brochures and said to make an appointment to go back. An appointment I have not made.

Another showroom I visited on a Saturday morning, a peak time one would think. Having wandered round for 5 minutes I eventually managed to find someone to talk to. I told him I had half an hour as I needed to be somewhere, his first question was where do I need to be and can I delay it, if not come back later. From the brief conversation I had with him every question I asked I was told to look online. When asking him about service packages he could not answer any of my questions as the lady who deals with them works Monday to Friday. I have not taken him up on his offer to ‘come back later’.

I have now bought my new car, from a garage that had the time to talk to me, explain the features of the car and allowed me the time to make my decision. They have returned every call and the sales person knows everything there is to know about the cars he is selling. On the occasion he wasn’t sure about one aspect he said he would come back to me – and he did!

Whatever industry you are in service is key, the simple things of doing what you say you are going to do and keeping people updated with progress goes such a long way to building a good relationship with clients.

At Wingate, we understand it is so important to take the time to listen to what our clients want to achieve, understand what they are looking for and then build a plan to help ensure their objectives are met.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we take great pride in the levels of service we provide, with the client at the centre of everything we do. If you would like to hear more about what we do, and how we work, please contact me – our initial consultation is free of charge and will give you the opportunity to understand how we work.

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26 Jan 2024

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