What should you look out for in a financial planning meeting?

During a financial planning meeting there are a number of elements that can be covered.  Your needs, objectives, income, expenditure, and the reason you need financial advice in the first place.  But what are the areas you should cover off to make you feel comfortable before the meeting, during the meeting and after the meeting?

Learn about the company

Depending on how you came across the business, the amount you need to learn about the company will vary.   Ways to find out more can be through visiting the firm’s website, understanding more about their people and what they are trying to achieve for their clients.  From this you can get a taste of what their culture is, what behaviours are encouraged, and you can try and identify whether you believe they will be a good fit for you. Make certain you check the

Avoid ‘red flags’ in first meeting

Often it can be difficult to assess an individual immediately when based on one meeting, as professional relationships can evolve over time; however, looking out for ‘red flags’ can be important when dealing with individuals. Are they making guaranteed promises on investment performance that seem too good to be true? Is the fee structure presented to you unclear? Do you feel under pressure to make a decision immediately?  If you answer yes to one or all these questions, then you may want to consider an alternative adviser firm.

Understand the service 

The service should be easy to understand and fill you with confidence that the adviser, and firm, will be able to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Without a full understanding of your circumstances, suggesting a product in an initial meeting could be another ‘red flag’ that you want to take notice of.

Learning about the company, the service and people you will be working with moving forward will stand you in good stead when choosing a financial planner that will be a good fit for you. If you are comparing the market and would like a financial planner to help you with your goals and objectives, Wingate can offer a free initial meeting for you to find out more about our services, company ethos and people.




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