What Role Does your Financial Planner Play?

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As Euro 2020 is well and truly underway, it is only right to make an abstract comparison with your financial planning firm and any similarities they have with the players and backroom staff of a football team.   See if you can spot your financial planner in here somewhere?

Goalkeeper – They see themselves as the last line of defence.  They command their penalty area and bark orders at those around them throughout the game.  The goalkeeper has a different mindset to the outfield players.  They tend to be braver, more extrovert and have the highest level of confidence.

The Defender – They may not have the energy of the players further up the pitch; however, with their guile and expertise they can lead the team from the back. They have got an in-depth knowledge of all the other positions, because at one time or another they probably played those positions very well.  If needed in the last ten minutes, they can pop up with an injury time winner.

The Midfielder – They have high energy and an ability to read the game very well. They can see threats all around them as they essentially have eyes in the back of their head. That awareness and technical ability means they can thread a pass through the eye of a needle. They are not afraid to get forward and chip in with some goals, but equally they can get their hands dirty and defend when necessary.

The Striker – They are very driven, single minded and focussed on the goal.  Most strikers are unlikely to defend but will come up with the goods just when the team need it.  You will most likely see top strikers picking up the awards, grabbing the headlines and being quoted in the press. The strikers do love the limelight.

The Coach – Will be passing on all their wisdom learnt during their fully fledged career as a player and helping the up-and-coming youth players to develop.  The coach still has the technical ability and footballing brain, even if they can no longer get up and down the pitch.

The Physio – They may never have played the game; however, they know exactly what the players need to perform at 100% week in week out.  The physio ensures the star players remain on the pitch instead of on the treatment table.

The Manager – They are the leader and take responsibility for everything that happens on and off the pitch. To become a manager, you must have broad shoulders and understand that ultimately it is ‘all down to the players,’ when things are going well.

Here at Wingate we have all types of team members with different skill sets that contribute to our goal of achieving a better financial future for our clients. Contact Wingate if you like a team-based approach to solving difficult problems.


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