Standard Life

We have prepared a simple guide to logging on to your portfolio via your Standard Life Wrap. If you have any difficulty please do not hesitate to contact us:

  1. Open a fresh internet browser
    • Standard Life recommend Internet Explorer for full functionality, however we do have clients using Firefox and Google Chrome
  2. Manually enter the website address in the top address bar: “
    • This should not be entered in a search engine e.g. Google
  3. Save to your favourites
    • Once you have reached the Home Page this is the point you should save the website to your favourites if you wish to
  4. Click on Client Log In
  5. Enter your User ID
    • This is emailed to you when your access is first set up by us. This is case sensitive and should therefore be entered as it appears, you do have the option to change it in the future.
  6. Enter your password
    • A temporary password will be issued to you when your access is first set up. Once this is entered for the first time it will prompt you to enter a password of your choice.
    • Select a client
    • If you are linked to more than one client you will now be given the opportunity to select which to view

All being well, you should be presented with the following screen: