Welcome to the care fees planning area of our website.

You may have found our site as you are involved with the planning of care for your parents or a close relative. Below we have tried to answer a few of the initial questions we are often asked in relation to our Care Fees Planning services.

What qualifications do we have in this area?

Two of our Chartered Financial Planners are fully accredited members of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA):

As members of SOLLLA they must have attained a specified number of qualifications and are required to maintain a level of knowledge in this area.

In order to be accredited, a live assessment via a formal interview is undertaken and must be passed which covers both technical knowledge and soft skills.   This assessment is revisited on a regular basis (https://societyoflaterlifeadvisers.co.uk/About).

Wingate Financial Planning is a multi-award winning, independent, Chartered Financial Planning business, further details of which you can find under the ‘Professional Excellence’ menu on this site.

How can we help you?

We are very aware that this is likely to be an emotional time for you with important decisions that need to be made around finances and the best type of care for your loved one.

We aim to provide clear advice so that those involved can make informed decisions, in the knowledge that the individual needing care has the resources to meet the cost of their fees indefinitely and importantly in an environment of choice.

We can navigate you through the care options available and assist you in making an informed and tailored decision.

What is the first step? 

The first step is an initial conversation with you and then if appropriate hold an initial exploratory meeting, the costs of which are borne by us.

During this initial meeting we would usually cover the following:

  • Background – your / the person requiring care story along with your goals and objectives
  • Potential allowances and assistance available from the State
  • The options available and the considerations around these
  • The role and responsibility of the Local Authority
  • The legal power to act for the person needing care – Powers of Attorney / Court of Protection
  • Agree how to move forward

We understand that if you are sorting out the finances and care for a relative or friend you may feel concerned about this responsibility; we are here to provide our friendly expert advice to ease those concerns.

Shall we have a chat? 
As mention the cost of an initial chat and any exploratory meeting is borne by us so if you feel we may be able to help you please contact either Matt or Peter on 01883 332261.


Click here to download the full PDF version of our “Funding for later life care provision white paper”

Our Approach

We develop, implement and manage a financial plan to help you achieve your lifetime goals.

We Listen
We help you to clearly define your most important goals.
We Enlighten
We demonstrate the chances of achieving your life dreams.
We Plan
We identify priorities and recommended actions.
We Take Action
We take responsibility to ensure your plan is implemented.
We Review
We regularly respond to changes to keep you on track.

Contact our dedicated advisers

Matthew Bond
Chartered Financial Planner

 01883 332260  Direct: 01883 332262  matthew.bond@wingatefp.com

Peter Magliocco
Chartered Financial Planner

 01883 332260  Direct: 01883 332264  peter.magliocco@wingatefp.com