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I recently read an interesting article which resets the concept of riding gently into the sunset on retirement and contemplates the real prospect of a more dynamic race into the sunset and done in some style.

Historically, there has been the concept of three life stages, education, employment followed by retirement. With the retirement phase introducing a slower, more sedentary pace of life. I clearly remember my grandparents reaching the age of 70 and marvelling at this feat. My clients reaching age 70 would be put out if I considered them elderly or approaching their life expectancy.

People’s expectations of the activities that they wish to undertake as they age has altered dramatically. No longer is the ramping up of your production of crab apple jelly jam or the perfecting of the quality of your lawn featuring too highly on people’s wish lists. Evaluating in a positive manner ”how many years could I have ahead of me and what activities can I pack into this period” is increasingly the approach I come across.

It is now not unusual for client to stop a full-time role and transition into a three or four day week. Equally, financial independence can afford the opportunity for clients to set up their own business in whatever field is of interest.  More leisure time permits the setting of personal challenges, such as running your first marathon, continuing to attend Glastonbury, or undertaking activity driven travel experiences (e.g., kayaking or hiking in far flung destination), all now not at all uncommon.

Whilst enjoying a longer and more active third life stage will be reliant on good health, some of which you may be able to influence through regular exercise and avoiding excessive living, it also requires forethought and planning. If you need assistance mapping out what your third life stage looks like, and the costs attached to fulfilling these goals do make contact with us so we can work towards setting up a personalised life plan.

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