After their high-profile departure just over a year ago, we’re delighted to hear that NS&I have re-launched Index-Linked and Fixed Interest Savings Certificate. We were very positive about the old 3 and 5 year Index-Linked issues, and for our clients that took them up they’ve had excellent tax-free, inflation-linked returns in a period of historically low deposit rates.

NS&I certificates remain a risk-free, tax-free way for individuals (and Trustees) to retain funds in cash-like investments, but with the potential for greater returns. They are especially good value for higher (40%) and additional (50%) tax-payers as the returns are tax-free.

The current issues are:

  • 5-year 48th Issue Index-linking + 0.50%
  • 5-year 97th Issue Fixed Rate of 2.25% (comparable to a 2.81%/3.75%/4.50%  taxed return for a 20%/40%/50% tax-payer)

More information is here:

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