Is your will up-to-date?

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Is your well researched by the Law Society showed that 7% of respondents had made updated there will during the first coronavirus lockdown.

Whilst encouraging one in have arrange their affairs in a way that since then, a more shocking statistic from this research showed that over half (59%) of those surveyed said they did not have a well.

Whilst some people will be well served by the rules of intestacy, which applied to anyone who dies without there will be a number of people where these rules are inappropriate, for example married couples with children where the provisions of intestacy can see significant legacy is going to children which raises questions of how these can be affordably funded, as well as the appropriateness of giving large legacies to those who may not be appropriate.

In addition to making deals the coronavirus lockdown have shown the benefit of having lasting powers of attorney which allows a individual to act on your behalf if you are unable to make decisions on your health and welfare, or financial decisions, due to mental incapacity, or indeed for the reasons depending on how the last attorney is completed.

Please state considerations, along with other planning disasters, for example what your family might need if you were unable to do your work for reasons of illness or incapacity for the longer term, suffer a critical is, or worst of all to die, things we specialise in arrears for sophisticated tools that allow us to assess realistic plans on how these risks might be mitigated. We also have inheritance tax planning expert, and membership of the Society of trust and estate practitioners (step) within the firm who are able to help. For this reason if you feel that your affairs are not sufficiently resilient be happy to have a discussion.

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30 Apr 2021

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