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Holistic financial planning

The first thing we do is look at the bigger picture. We will consider all aspects of your life, not just your finances, so that we have a deep understanding of where you are, how you got there, and what it is that you want to achieve. Once we understand your goals and objectives, we can put a strategy in place to help you achieve them.

Bespoke Cashflow Modelling that is unique to you

We use sophisticated cash flow forecasting software to project your future wealth needs. We assess the likelihood of you meeting your financial objectives, whatever they may be, and then formulate a detailed, highly individual financial plan to put you on course to achieve what is most important to you. We believe that the more we know about you, the better the advice we can give.

Collective investments

Often, the simplest and most cost-effective way to construct a diversified investment portfolio is by using collective investments, commonly known as ‘funds’. A fund is a collection of individual investments, carefully selected by a fund manager. By investing in a single fund you are in fact investing in many individual investments, chosen by someone who (one would expect) knows what they are doing.

Individual funds typically have a ‘theme’ and focus on a particular niche, such as ‘Japanese equity’ or ‘UK property companies’, for example. By investing in several of these individual funds incorporating a range of themes, it’s possible to construct an efficient investment portfolio that aims to deliver the highest possible returns for a pre-determined level of risk.

Tax-efficient wrappers

Once an investment portfolio has been conceived, (suitable for your situation, requirements and objectives), we go on to consider the most appropriate tax-efficient vehicle (or ‘wrapper’) to place it in.  This is necessary to maximise tax-efficiency and reduce costs, without compromising flexibility. There are various wrappers available each with unique pros and cons, risks and tax treatment. Pensions, ISAs, and Offshore bonds are all examples of tax-efficient wrappers.

Regular reviews

Your situation and objectives will change over time and your bespoke financial plan will need to be updated to reflect this.

If you have sought advice, your investment portfolio will likely have been constructed with a heavy reliance on capital market assumptions, such as inflation rates, and the expected yields on different types of investments and geographical regions etc. These assumptions will change over time, as will the availability of new funds and products. Because of this it’s important that your portfolio is regularly reviewed to ensure its ongoing suitability. The global economy is ever-changing, and so a static portfolio is likely to become less appropriate over time.

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