Finding Lost Pensions, Investments, Bank Accounts and Life Assurance Policies

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I was recently asked how to find assets of someone who had recently died. The daughter had taken the obvious step of looking through her late mother’s paperwork and located a private pension, and some other small investment assets. However some family members believed the deceased was paying into a life insurance policy, but could find nothing to confirm this. The question was asked was “Is there a government department or something that would help us to track down these lost assets. UK only please”

A general purpose service can be found here: The Unclaimed Assets Register and at the time of writing a fixed fee of £25 (including VAT) is charged

The question can also be broadened and I very often get asked how to find a lost company pension. The best service in my experience is the Pension Tracing Service which is run by The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), you need some basic personal and employment details but you can fill out a request online.

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