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2013-2014 saw our best ever year, and we thank our clients and professional connections for propelling us to even greater success. With the partial retirement of Douglas Flower, and the successful integration of Francis Townsend & Hayward (Financial Services), we are delighted to announce the creation of positions for two new advisers.

Since 2008 the business has grown from zero to £1.4m of turnover and created sixteen new jobs. To continue to exceed client expectations and deliver our service promises we continue to reinvest in the business infrastructure.

As I have written about in other media, we believe the future for the network and sole trader model is under serious threat and we believe medium-sized firms such as ours will continue to thrive. The reason? Core to our business is a commitment to long-term Financial Planning so our clients’ successes drive our success, we also specialise so can provide bespoke advice where a client’s requirements are more complex.

We have a track record of integrating both individual advisers, and adviser teams, so would love to talk to you, in utmost confidence, if you are:

  1. Disillusioned by your financial advice network and would like a framework to provide advice rather than diktats
  2. Directly authorised, but would value the support and intellectual property we can provide
  3. Or, responsible for managing a team of advisers with a feeling your current firm has conflicts of interest with what is best for clients

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