What is the Lifetime Allowance?

Whilst there is no limit on the benefits an individual can receive or accrue in a pension, there is an allowance above which a tax charge is payable. This is known as the Lifetime Allowance (LTA). In summary the LTA is the maximum amount that can be accumulated in all pension plans without incurring a […]

Pensions – something to get excited about

One of the cornerstones of conventional financial planning is making use of pension allowances. For most people an annual allowance of up to £40,000 is available in a tax year (April to April). For those with adequate earnings and sufficient means it is possible to squeeze a total of £160,000 into a pension during this […]

Are you taking too much risk with your investments?

The FCA announced recently that it is to introduce new rules for high-risk investments. It saying that too many people are still investing in inappropriate investments and that they are concerned that too often consumers are investing in high-risk investments they don’t understand which can lead to significant and unexpected losses. Unbelievably (for some, including me) […]