2024 January Economic Review

An Overview of the Economic Landscape As we reflect on the past year, there is some solace that despite fears of recession, high interest rates, US and European bank collapses and an escalation of hostilities in the Middle East , we’ve managed to avoid a significant economic downturn. Importantly,  the US , as the world’s […]

2023 October Economic Review

Macro Backdrop As it stands today one of the most anticipated recessions ever has yet to materialise. Economic growth, with the exceptions of Germany and Italy, has generally been positive, although outside the US the gains have been more modest. The Western world has undergone one of the fastest monetary tightening phases in history, as […]

2023 April Economic Review

The global economy proved to be in better shape than expected, with the UK, the US and Europe showing more resilient growth against a difficult backdrop. Global stock markets delivered positive returns despite a period of volatility in March. Inflation rates around the world began to fall as energy prices receded, although it remained stubbornly […]

2022 July Economic Review

Global stock markets fell over the past three months as investors became worried about high inflation and the possibility of a recession Inflation continued to be elevated, reaching multi-decade highs in the UK, Europe and the US Fixed-interest securities were also negatively impacted as the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve continued to […]

2022 April Economic Review

Inflation continued to be elevated, prompting interest rate hikes from major central banks Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created a humanitarian crisis and caused stock market volatility The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic prompted lockdowns in Asia and disrupted supply chains It was a challenging quarter for investors as high inflation, rising interest rates and Russia’s invasion of […]

2022 January Economic Review

Global stock markets struggled over the past three months as rising inflation became a major concern. COVID-19 continued to affect markets and economies, with the Omicron causing some volatility towards the end of 2021. The Bank of England raised interest rates to reel in higher inflation Over the past three months, higher inflation and the […]

2021 October Economic Review

Global stock markets produced good returns for investors over the past three months, but were somewhat volatile. Covid-19 infection rates around the world began to increase once again with the onset of autumn. Inflation rates began to rise as high demand for goods and supply chain disruptions pushed up prices. Throughout the past three months, […]

2021 April Economic Review

Global stock markets went up on average over the past three months, lifted by vaccine rollouts The UK began gradually easing lockdown restrictions, although Covid-19 cases started to surge elsewhere in the world Central banks and governments remained supportive of economies, leading to concerns that inflation may rise later in the year During the past […]