2016-17 Allowances at a glance

NOTE: This post is more than 12 months old, and the information contained within may no longer be accurate.

Partly to save me rummaging, but also as a useful service, here are the key allowances for 2016/17:

Income Tax Allowances
Personal allowance   £11,000
Dividend allowance   £5,000
Savings rate band   £5,000
Personal savings allowance   £1,000

(£500 for higher rate tax payers, £0 for additional)

Income tax bands and rates
Effective rate Dividend rate
Basic rate band £11,000 – £43,000 20% 7.5%
Higher rate band I £43,000 – £150,000 40% 32.5%
Loss of personal allowance £100,000 – £122,000 60% 52.5%
Higher rate band II £122,000 – £150,000 40% 32.5%
Additional rate band £150,000 + 45% 38.1%
Capital Gains Tax
Annual exemption   £11,100
Inheritance Tax
Nil rate band   £325,000
Pension Allowances
Earnings under £110,000 £40,000
Pension Allowances may be reduced for people earning over £110,000, those who have flexibly accessed their pensions; and Carry Forward may apply for many people.
ISA Allowances
ISA £15,240
Junior ISA £4,080
Lifetime ISA (from 6th April 2017) £4,000

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