Medium-term for risk profile 5/10

Medium-term for risk profile 5/10

Recommended target asset allocation

You currently have investments in this portfolio, and we show below the recommended asset allocation last quarter (blue) compared with the recommendation for this quarter (red).

Recommended funds and relevant holdings

Below are the current recommended funds we should hold, along with the appropriate percentage of your investment which should be allocated to this fund. You can click on the fund name to bring up a Key Investor Information Document which gives more detail on the fund

Fund name Weighting
Wrap Cash 1.00%
Fidelity MoneyBuilder Income Y Acc GBP 4.84%
Invesco Perp Corporate Bond Y Acc 4.84%
Newton International Bond Inst W Acc 4.31%
Schroder Tokyo L Acc 10.00%
Jupiter North American Income I Acc 4.26%
AXA Framlington American Growth Z Acc 4.26%
Schroder US Mid Cap L Acc 4.26%
Legg Mason IF Royce US Smaller Companies X Acc 4.26%
Henderson UK Property PAIF Feeder I Acc 5.82%
Artemis UK Special Situations I Acc 3.29%
Schroder Recovery L Acc 3.29%
Majedie UK Equity X Acc 3.29%
Jupiter UK Special Situations I Acc 3.29%
Franklin UK Mid Cap W Acc 3.29%
Allianz Gilt Yield I Inc 23.38%
Old Mutual UK Smaller Companies U1 GBP Acc 12.36%

Historic performance

You can view historic performance of this portfolio by clicking below. You should note that this assumes changes were made as soon as the investment committee had met, and will not take into account either inflows or withdrawals from your fund. Consequently your individual performance could be better or worse, and of course past performance should not be taken as indicator of future investment returns.

Historic performance (to end of May 2017) of Medium-term for risk profile 5/10

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Medium-term for risk profile 5/10